Psychiatric hospital in Volterra, Tuscany - Italy

Former psychiatric hospital in Volterra (Italy).
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This is the asylum where spent most of his life NOF-4, Oreste Fernando Nannetti (1927-1994).

"Fernando Oreste Nannetti is the author of a written work cut into the stone walls of the Psychiatric Hospital in Volterra, Italy, where he was confined. He said he was in contact with electro-magnetic waves and so, day after day, he recorded that telepathically received information." (Artbrut.ch)

Oreste Fernando Nannetti (born in Rome December 31, 1927 - dead in Volterra November 24, 1994) was an inmate of the asylum of Volterra.
He often referred to himself as NOF4 (first letters of his name and 4, his id number in the asylum).
He was born without a father (on documents he had, as father name, "N.N." - In latin, "Nomen Nescio" unknown name).
His mother abandoned him in an orphanage when he was seven and in 1948 he was on trial for outrage to a policeman and during the trial he plead for insanity.
After this moment he spent his whole life in several insane asylums. In 1958 he was interned in the Volterra asylum where he lived up to his dead in 1994.
In the courtyard of the Ferri pavilion he drawn on the wall of the building a huge graffiti using the buckle of his vest. This graffiti was a symbolic story of his life with several notes of science-fiction. It is considered one of the most important "brut art" work ever done.
Most of the graffiti was removed and now it is in a museum in Volterra.
The asylum is totally abandoned but some parts of the graffiti are still in place, slowly fading in rain and time.

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