Sardinian mines

A travel through the fascinating former mining sites in the south of Sardinia, Italy, with a middle-format camera
All 6x4,5 pictures were taken on Ilford FP4 film


Montevecchio mine

The mining licence for Montevecchio mine was issued in 1848 and the mine was active up to 1991. It was the biggest mine in Italy for a long time. Here galena (to obtain lead) and sphalerite (to obtain zinc) were extracted. The mine was opened by entrepeneurs Giovanni Antonio Pischedda and Giovanni Antonio Sanna. In 1933 the mine was acquired by Montecatini group.


Monteponi mine

This galena and sphalerite mine was opened in 1850 and was active up to the beginning of the nineties of last century


Pozzo Sanna

Pozzo Sanna (litterally "Sanna's shaft") was one of the mining sites of Montevecchio mine


Sa macchina beccia

In sardinian dialect, Sa macchina beccia means "the old machine". This was the site of Santa Barbara shaft of the San Giorgio mine. The castle shaped building hosted the shaft elevator steam engines. San Giorgio mine opened in 1870 and closed around 1940


Idina washery

This is the washery of San Giovanni mine. The mine opened in 1867 and closed in 1985


San Leone mine

San Leone mine opened in 1863 and had the first railway in Sardinia, built to bring the extracted minerals to docks on Maramura beach, in Capoterra. The mine closed in 1963


Santa Caterina power station

This coal fired power station was opened in 1939 to exploit the coal extracted in the Sulcis area. The power plant closed in 1965


Seddas Moddizzis

This calamine mine was opened in 1870 and was managed by engineer Giorgio Asproni since 1885. The site closed in 1963


Villaggio Asproni

Asproni's village was the village for the miners employed in Seddas Moddizzis mine