Officine Meccaniche Reggiane

The company was established in 1901 with the name “Officina Meccanica e Fonderia Ing. Romano Righi e C.” and changed his name in “Società Anonima Officine Meccaniche Reggiane (OMR)” after few years.
The main activity of OMR was in the railway wagons construction.
During WWI the company started the production of ammunitions and was chosen by count Caproni as industrial partner for the production of Caproni’s airplanes.
In 1935 count Giovanni Caproni bought the company and started here the production of Caproni military airplanes. During a strike in 1943, nine workers were killed by Italian army: the killing is known as “Eccidio delle Reggiane”.
After WWII OMR converted his production building locomotives, railway wagons and cranes.
In 1992 the company was bought by Gruppo Fantuzzi. In 2008 a new company from U.S.A., Terex, took control over OMR and in the same year the historical production plant was abandoned.
Nowdays some buildings have been recovered and are used by Reggio Emilia municipality, but several other ones are abandoned and are home for homeless people and immigrants.

Pictures were taken in 2019 on Ilford PANF film