Ferriera Stramezzi

“Ferriera Stramezzi” (Stramezzi ironworks) was founded in Crema (northern Italy) in 1913
by entrepreneur Paolo Stramezzi and the brothers Fortunato and Gerolamo Marazzi.

The first plant of the ironworks was a former small factory  for horseshoes.

An old advertisement of Ferriera Stramezzi
An old advertisement of Ferriera Stramezzi


Rolling mill, 1919

Rolling mill, 1919

During WWI the ironworks had a strong development due to army orders. In 1938 the factory
entered the steel business too and in 1942 it was renamed as ”Acciaieria e Ferriera di
Crema P. Stramezzi e C.” (“acciaieria” means steelworks).

During WWII, in December 1944, the factory was heavily bombed. After WWII the factory
was slowly rebuilt and its re-development was facilitated by low-cost energy supplied by AGIP.
In this industrial phase the most important activity of the plant was related to bolts production.

After several crisis of the steel market in Italy, the factory went bankrupt in 1994 and totally closed.
(Historical infos from LombardiaBeniCulturali)

This is one of the most beautiful and moving abandoned place I've ever visited and portraied.
During my first visit, before exiting, I sat about 45 minutes alone, in total silence, admiring the
incredible beauty of the huge spaces painted by a magic light coming from different color temperature
sources, due to different roof windows.