Abandoned places are not socially coded: when you enter them you ignore what you will find and you have to find out everything by yourself.
There are no explanatory labels like in a museum, but only traces and small clues, that's all.
In these places you are by yourself.
The outside world is a thousand miles away even if it's close to you. You are in a space/time bubble that takes you into a past
that seems not to be of interest to anyone but you.
The world runs a few feet away, but you are in an absolute "elsewhere”.
You are in the Pigeons' Kingdom and everything you see is through their eyes.


About the author

"Me" by Pierclaudio Duranti


Manifesto: "When portraying abandoned places, I'm not denouncing something wrong to be fixed: I'm screaming my love for them as they are"

My name is Pietromassimo Pasqui, I live in Italy and I was born by the end of the sixties (the wonderful sixties).
According to wiki definition ("A photographer is a person who takes photographs") I am a photographer.
I always had a kind of strong fascination about abandoned buildings and decayed human places and one day I started portraying these magnificent places. When I was a teen, I started to develop and print by myself my black and white pictures. After a long, long time away from film – about 35 years - I went back to black & white film photography.




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